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Fiat 500l Specs, Price, Release Date

fiat 500l interior

Fiat 500l has more interior room, more life and fun more gates and space for passengers, Uconnect ® System for the facilitation of guest and to contact with the outside world with the least obstructions due to the wide variety of the smart technology, Fiat 500l is defined by latest …

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Fiat 124 Spider Price, Specs, Release Date

fiat 124 spider for sale

The Fiat 124 spider has an exceptional high style; its exterior has a seductive stunning look which shows the quality of the Italian styling with a purposeful luxurious interior with no junks. Fiat 124 Spider: Exterior Fiat 124 spider also powered by electric power-steering-system has independent rear and front suspension, …

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Fiat Abarth Specs, Price, Release Date

Fiat Abarth

Every Fiat Abarth deserves excellence equipped with a 1.4L turbocharged four-cylinder engine with dual intercoolers has 160 horsepower and produce up to 170 lb-ft. torque. With the help of adrenaline-pumping performance and can covers a distance of 28 MPG in the city and up to 34 MPG on the highway.2017 …

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Fiat 500l Trekking Specs, Price, Release Date

fiat 500l trekking specs

In the fiat 500l trekking, every detail is thoughtfully and stylishly designed with available security and safety technology, elegant contours, sleek interior touches the progressive attitude, all gets together in the Fiat 500 for your convenience, safety and comfort. Fiat 500l Trekking: Exterior The 2017 Fiat 500 has the spacious, …

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2014 Fiat 500 For Sale

2014 Fiat 500 for sale

2014 Fiat 500 For Sale: Introduction The 2014 Fiat 500 For Sale is available in both sedan or convertible shapes. The tailgate is available in five trim levels Pop, Sport, Lounge, Turbo Abarth.  The 2014 Fiat 500 features a modern touch to the interior decoration of the old 2014 Fiat 500 seems …

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