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Under the Buick logos, is the car that finally ended a decade without actual muscle cars. In 1982, with the US economy suffering the effects on global oil prices of the ongoing Iran-Iraq conflict, plus a worldwide recession.

bucik logos

Buick logos Of Regal Grand National


Buick meekly produced a run of 215 Regal Grand Nationals to acknowledge victory in the NASCAR series of the same name. Most sported limp 125bhp 4.1 liters V6s.

By 1984, with the effects of the war lessening and Texan oilfields running at full tilt, Buick tried again with more conviction.

This time, the Buick Regal name was dropped, the V6 was the higher-reviving 3.8-litre Fireball unit with a Garrett M10 turbo, and sequential fuel injection replaced the old four-barrel carburetor.

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The result was 235bhp and 3301b ft of torque at a lazy 2400rpm. But in the Buick’s presence, what impresses most immediately is its appearance. Nice Cars

Aside from the 1968 Dodge Charger, it’s hard to think of a car that looks quite so intentionally evil.

Climb aboard, and it risks its brooding image with an interior almost unchanged from the Regal’s, apart from the leather trim.


Under The Buick, Logos Has The Stunning Interior

Its seats feel flat, and stainless steel switchgear twinkles in hefty square consoles, giving it the look of the seventies drinks cabinet. Then you notice the boost gauge and the knock sensor.

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Turn the key and the V6 howls aggressively. On straights it gathers pace savagely; but rather than a raging V-engine off-beat, there’s turbocharger whine like a taxiing airliner.

And there’s a pleasing lack of turbo lag. The ride is excellent, but it’s in the corners where the Buick surprises.

The steering is light and feedback-free, but the nose chops cleanly into the apex and responds to twitches of the helm with remarkable precision for a car so thick.

Then its live axle threatens to upset its composure on the exit of tight corners, as it follows incisive turn-in with jerky, grabbing motions from the rear.


Hard acceleration at this point will send the car into a spin, so you’ve got to be careful, only spooling the turbo up to full pressure from 3000rpm in a straight line.

It addressed the handling issue with the 1987 GNX, produced in conjunction with McLaren, by adding a heftier Panhard rod and stronger rear cross-bracing, along with a new Garrett hybrid turbocharger and air-to-air intercooler.

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The Powerful and Smooth Engine Is hidden Under The Buick Logos

This gave 275bhp, 3601b ft and 0-60 in a Testarossa-threatening 4.8 seconds. Sadly, the GNX was to prove Buick’s undoing, as this Formula One-inspired overhaul made it much faster than another 1984 debutant, the Corvette C4.

To General Motors this was unacceptable for a cheaper car. The Buick Grand National was retired. But the Grand National spurred others into action.

Ford gave the Mustang SVO a 2.3-litre turbo four-cylinder engine that outgunned the V8s.

Chevrolet created the Camaro IROC-Z by fitting the Corvette’s tuned-port injection small-block.

Carroll Shelby joined Chrysler and turbocharged the Dodge Daytona. America regained its appetite for muscle cars. It’s never looked back.


Due to the new “winged” 1959 styling of Buicks model, The new vehicle which was produced in 1960 appearance enhanced to more traditional and conservative.

Controversial front fenders angled fins are somewhat rounded and flattened.

The power plants under the hood remained little changed.

The main drop in sales appears to be the 4-Door Hardtop “Flat-top” body style as sales fell off in every model line which is approximately 20 percent to 25 percent.

All new interiors of Buick were designed for 1960, although they failed to be more conservative in style.

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