2016 cadillac cts v sedan

Cadillac CTS for sale is an attractive coupe, in addition to its beautiful appearance, but of course a real effort, and skill. If we talk about the car’s dynamic performance. The new model is priced at $ 46.025, which also includes a $ 925 destination extra charges. The new Cadillac CTS for sale will be officially on sale in North America very soon.

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The Genuine Beauty Of  Cadillac CTS for sale

CTS is a standard location model, this model before the official announcement of the 2014 models of the message, and now officially announced.

The 2014 Cadillac CTS models with the starting price, the new model is priced at $ 46.025. Which also includes a $ 925 destination charge extra for.

The new Cadillac CTS will be officially on sale in most of the European and American countries soon.

Compared to the old models by just paying $ 6,000 you can have the new CTS.

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Cadillac CTS for sale Always Focus On The latest Technology

The Cadillac CTS for sale emphasizes athletic performance-oriented appearance on the new changes, while the body was lighter and has a sense of luxury.

The new models will set the new standard in the new CUE entertainment system, a Bose sound system, and 11 channels.

At the same time, the new models will be equipped with Brembo brakes, 18-inch wheels, and an electromagnetic damping system.

2016 cadillac cts v sedan

In power systems will have three engines, while also providing new CTS-V sport.

Super performance version of the model, in the regular text of the model, will be equipped with 2.0T engines, 3.6-liter naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines 3.6 liters.

The price of about CTS-V sports version of the model is up to $ 59.995. However, the Relevant performance is indeed very significant.

The Cadillac’s CTS Coupe is a two-door sports car, you will feel like sitting as US president, The powerful beast has the high confidence and incredible engineering.

Cadillac CTS For Sale Is Packed With The Most Powerful Engine.

Into the “skin” taste pressing compartment, brake pedal, although the use of the Smart Key intelligent key, ignition is not using the “Engine On / Off” button, but as general formula twist on plug ignition switch.

cadillac cts v sport

The engine starts torque, plus white, red pointer instrument panel backlight also lights up, to be honest, simple design is standard, adding to the bottom of the middle monochrome display multiple messages.

But also the most cars now have; the center console design is simple, but the key number is not small, can lift the color touch-screen, more than saving space, but also enhance the sense of luxury.

Center console design is simple, but the key number is not small. Light gray seats there is just soft, good load bearing capacity, eight-way power adjustment.

Electric control in three sections slightly a little car will be equipped with advanced CTS certainly not missing, and more cold three-stage power control in summer, you will cool down quickly.

2014 Cadillac CTS Price

Using electric door switch and button hidden on the inside of the car, so the doors smooth flow lines, more beautiful lines, but when you need to open the door into feelings hands after the door handle style than the more inconvenience.

Cadillac rider’s experienced an incredible feeling.

When sitting in the car, around button on the door armrests are available by opening the door, usually very convenient to use, but you hear cars and no electricity or when the button is faulty.

It is possible to open the door, trapped inside, some designers are also ingenious in the way the stage is set to open a mechanical door handle, a long black handle, not visible, but also printed with the pale icon.

Naturally aspirated V6 VVT CTS Coupe uses 3.6 liters engine

The Cadillac CTS Coupe uses 3.6 liters naturally aspirated V6 VVT engine with 304 horsepower output and a torque of 273 lbs ft lbs., based on direct fuel injection technology, which has much more combustion power than before.

You can also choose CTS-V Coupe, built on the displacement of 6.2 liters, and V8 supercharged engine with a maximum horsepower of 556 and torque to 551 ft lbs.

Unfortunately, this test is the second-level performance CTS Coupe, peak horsepower at 6,400 turns issued and transferred.

cadillac cts v sport for sale

The only some maximum torque, usually on the road is difficult to have the opportunity to show in 5200 rpm., and nearly 1.8 tons weight, start weak Sense of acceleration, but the opposite lane was steady as a rock.

Front-engine, rear-wheel drive CTS Coupe, the front and rear vehicle weight more evenly, and also Appears in control more flexible.

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Four-wheel independent suspension, while the Sports Package Incline front P245 / 45ZR19, rear P275 / 40ZR19 summer performance tires, high-speed driving.

Addicted to fuel is the characteristic of a sports car, the CTS higher fuel consumption is not very high, the company provides the data for urban 11.4 l / 100 km, and for highway 6.9 l / 100 km or average 9.4 liters / 100 kilometers Cadillac CTS.

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