Cadillac for sale CTS V

Cadillac for sale, three Cadillac Model K car was completely disassembled in the outskirts of London Brooklands track, after mixing all components before reassembly. As a result, three reassembled Model K was still able to continue running without failure 500 miles.


Cadillac Pioneered In Automotive Industry

Cadillac for sale CTS

Cadillac for sale is pioneered in the production of standardized parts and assembly quality superb, won London’s Royal Automobile Club (RAC) approval, grant Dewar Award (Dewar Trophy) highest honor. The exhibition section Model M 1907 and was an award-winning Model K has the same basic chassis architecture and powertrain, but wheelbase two inches longer than the Model K. Cadillac’s early works represented the highest standards of the automotive industry.

In 1948, Cadillac’s models experienced for the first time after the end of World War II re-design, inspired by the Lockheed P-38 fighter twin tail fin design in the United States and the world of motor racing a whole era.

Cadillac for sale CTS V

During World War II, Cadillac factory charged with the mission of manufacturing military equipment, and another central column P-38 fighter plane used by Allison V-1710 engines are Cadillac products. P-38 has achieved remarkable exploits during World War II, including the Japanese shot down Yamamoto’s plane Lord.


Then, after World War II victory, representing the winner posture double tail fin naturally appear on the new generation of post-war Cadillac models. Fleetwood Sixty Special 1948 Cadillac is very representative of a model based on extended 3378 mm wheelbase (178 mm longer than the standard model), the car body has many exclusive plating garnishes. As special edition models, Fleetwood Sixty Special sought after by celebrities who, this year produced a total of 6561.

If the 1948 Cadillac opened a car design “wing era,” the 1955 Eldorado models will be developed to the end of “air” into “space.” As was the top Cadillac convertible models, 1955 shall have exclusive Eldorado “spaceship” style tail design, its shape from Cadillac in 1954 General Motors Motorama show car tour in two concept cars.

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Cadillac For Sale Price Varies In Different Region


La Espada and El Camino with a sharply acute angle with the vertical tail plating decorative edge and rocket shape taillights. In power, the 1955 Eldorado paragraph 5.4 liter V8 engine’s single four-chamber carburetor, maximum power up to 270 horsepower, 20 horsepower more than the standard model Cadillac in the same year, so that it can reach 188 km / h top speed.

1967, Eldorado Series 62 out of the camp for the first time, became an independent model series, Cadillac models This comprehensive initiative to the United States is increasing rapidly “personal luxury car” (Personal Luxury Car) market.

Cadillac Has The First Front Wheel Powertrain

The car is Cadillac’s first front-wheel drive production car, it was undoubtedly a bold breakthrough in the field of luxury cars, became one of the 20th centuries after the impact of global vehicle development direction of the altar models. 1974 shall continue the Eldorado models wide, low profile style, grille, tail lights, with minor adjustments.

In this year, Eldorado models biggest bright spot is that the dashboard design called “space age” (Space Age), the curved edge of the panel is a row of warning lights, including oil and other warning drivers often need attention function, the inner dial with a digital clock.

Switch drivers frequently used functions, including lights, wipers, cruise control, centralized switch on the left side of the steering wheel, while the driver and passengers will use the function switch, for example, power antenna, rear window demisting, sunroof or convertible top, radios switches, etc., are concentrated on the right side of the steering wheel, and more humane than conventional layout of, more contemporary.

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As legendary designer Bill Mitchell Cadillac last work, in 1980 came the second generation of Seville bold bustle-back retro hatchback design and famous. In addition to the prowess of conception, the generation Seville also into many scientific elements, including two with the power seat memory function, digital dashboards, and run flat tires, and so on.

As the beginning of the Cadillac brand more than 30 years of professional audio and sincere cooperation, and in 1983 came the world’s first factory custom Bose sound system on the car stereo into the new era.

The system includes four separate amplifier and speakers, AM / FM stereo radio and cassette player with Dolby noise reduction, etc. when the industry was evaluated as the most advanced car stereo system.

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