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Before analyzing the Nice Cars first set aside the emotional factors, and then from the following aspects to you to compare what is the choice of American cars or Japanese cars.

Performance, Safety and Comfort Of Nice Cars


Overall, there is no doubt that this is the United States car advantage, It is impatient to live a bombing WTC Han also play Than in this thing lost his life is worth.

nice car brands

Many people may not value the car’s performance, in fact, this is also related to security.

Economical Aspects Of Nice Cars


The cost of buying a car from the car, the Japanese car advantage, low fuel consumption, new cars, then the price is not too high, the average failure rate lower than the US car.

Nice CarsModelsPrices
CHEVROLET2007 Chevy Silverado$29,200.00
HONDAHonda Accord For Sale$28,000.00
FORDFord Bronco For SaleComing Soon
FIATFiat 500l$19,345.00
But do not forget one thing that the Japanese nice cars fuel consumption does not mainly rely on the low-tech advantage, but cut corners to achieve.

nice cars 2016

The Japanese cars lighter, of course, the energy consumption, will be relatively small, but at the same time bring performance, Safety, and comfort.

So it depends on how you get in the balance of the above aspects.

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Price Aspects Of Nice Cars


  1. Overall, we usually buy nice cars, a US car cheaper than the Japanese car. However, this problem is to separate the new car, and the old car is clearer.

2. If it is a new car, the Japanese car than the US car is not too expensive, but the used car market is a bit deformed, at least in the Toronto market is the case, some old Japanese car prices are selling very high Value.

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3. While there are a lot of information about the baseless assertion, such as some people say that the Japanese car does not need so much repair.

4. It was said that Japanese car maintenance is comparatively cheap, it is also said that the Japanese cars are more fuel-efficient.


The actual situation should be: the average failure rate of Japanese cars than the US car low maintenance less; Japanese car maintenance costs are not cheaper than the US car, the gap between the two is not too much.

If it is running in the urban areas, especially traffic lights and more places, Japanese cars are light in weight and boost the frequent movement, acceleration, and deceleration and are more fuel economical.

Which is a significant advantage, but in the case of running high-speed position of the Japanese car is not so obvious, the US car fuel consumption is higher than the Japanese car is not some people imagine Of the so much.

Quality and Durability Aspects Of Nice Cars 

This is a Japanese car than the United States have an advantage, on average.

Japanese nice cars can run longer than the US car; the relative ratio is 2: 3 bar, for example, the average American car can run 200,000 km, the Japanese car.nice cars model


  • Accurate – The average can run 300,000 km, although this figure is not very accurate, as a reference error is not too much.
  • Price Factors – But if you take into account the price factors, the Japanese car is not superior to the US car, because although you purchase a Japanese car can drive longer.
  • Buy a Car – You buy a car when these factors have long been taken into account the price.
  • American Cars – The nice cars are more evident, such as your 5000 to buy a 96-year 150,000 km of American cars, but spend the same money you can only buy 92 years 220,000 km of Japanese cars.
  • Japanese Cars – Or you have to pay more than the United States car 2 Times the price to purchase a 96-year is also 150,000 km of Japanese cars, the account of their count it.
  • Old Cars – If you have to choose between American and Japanese nice cars, the new car can be considered Japanese cars, old cars proposed to consider the United States car.
  • Significant – The United States intended to buy used cars 96 years later because in recent years the United States have a relatively significant increase in the quality of the nice cars.
  • Displacement – While the price is still much lower than similar Japanese cars; Buy American cars proposed to buy massive displacement:

In fact, the Japanese car good quality and the low failure rate are mainly concentrated in small displacement vehicles such as 4-cylinder 2 liters of the following vehicles; 3 liters and above V6 engine car is the strength of American cars, Japanese cars in this category is not dominant.

Some people say that 3L and above engine fuel consumption is too high, in fact, the engine displacement and fuel consumption is not linear relationship.

between the 3-liter engine than the 2-liter engine does not consume 50% more oil, running high-speed, then the gap between the two smaller.

3L engine fuel consumption Not some people imagine or legends so high, basically within the acceptable range.

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In fact, in addition to the US and Japanese cars, we have some other options, mainly European cars, which is representative of the beautiful German car, in the market.

The more common are VW, AUDI, BMW, MERCEDES, in addition to Sweden VOLVO and SAAB.

Nice cars such as MERCEDES, because the car is expensive and recognized for the high maintenance costs are relatively costly to buy from a lot of people outside, such as VW car can still be considered.

German cars can be said to focus on the advantages of American cars and Japanese cars, here recognized the first grade is the German nice cars, then the Japanese car, the United States behind the automobile row.

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