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VW bug for sale price varies on condition, in the case of a used vehicle, The German leader Hitler decided to build a car factory for the production of VW Bug cars and on May 26, 1938, the amazing Volkswagen was born.

VW Bug For Sale Price Is Based On Masterpiece Technology

vw bug for sale


October 12, 1936, three Volkswagen VW, car delivered on schedule. Porsche and the German Automobile Association began to focus on prototype vehicle tested in the most demanding conditions, 160,000 km of the trial are made to prove that the car is technically fantastic.

Beetle shell, small wind resistance, the use of the air-cooled engine is easy to maintain, independent torsion bar suspension smooth ride, vehicle weight 650 kg, 26-horsepower, high-speed, low fuel consumption. Finally, the prototype successfully passed the appraisal.

The next year, VW Bug Auto Expo exhibition in Berlin. US “Time” magazine reporter its name as “BEETLE,” hence the name Volkswagen “Beetle.” Still a famous German car.

1951 the VW bug for sale has a Significant investment in North Africa, Poland, and the Soviet war. In 1940–1944 years, the Beetle is further converted into jeeps, an ambitious military vehicle; VW Bug became Hitler’s instruments of war, and the people hope for a “modern car” only 630 cars are given for civilian use.

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1951 Beetle, the VW Bug was sleek, simple and practical. The most prominent feature is the perfect styling, sleek design was a masterpiece. From the car you can see many traces of the historical evolution of the Beatles, it is a rare “Beetle” car fossils.


VW Bug Gained Public Popularity All Over The World

In September 1949, VW Bug, the British car factory returned to the German government. In 1960 the German government privatized the Volkswagen plant. With the revival of the postwar world economy, the demand for the car was fantastic; people want to buy the Volkswagen Beetle, but their limited purchasing power was the major hurdle as the economy tends to recession due the world war.

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After a long hard struggle, the VW Bug durability gains the public satisfaction, and it immediately became the best-selling vehicles in Europe. And in its development process, the developers note that the car itself is fairly standard production and have less future maintenance problems, It has a very solid body structure and chassis-engine, which is one of the reasons that it can become a long life car.

After winning the European market, VW Bug gathered a huge profits Volkswagen’s gained the near saturation of the US market. Undernourishment Beetle, Volkswagen has developed rapidly, and soon became the first in Europe, the world’s fourth car company.


Key Benefits Of VW Bug For Sale

Lovely unique appearance, smooth lines; the interior work fine, rich configuration; nimble; outstanding safety performance.


Dynamic performance in general, start slow; poor fuel economy; after-sales maintenance more inconvenience, and higher maintenance costs.


Exterior design along for the family, the new shape of the Beetle front loader, to the rear roof line of gentle and smooth, the overall adorable unique, won the praise of riders.


VW Bug interior work excellent, rigorous and detailed, user-friendly design, making the car more elegant and noble. Unique style and diverse internal optional, so users with ” great joy ” to describe.vw bug for sale in nc



Overall light and nimble handling, steering wheel point clear, positive response on the road chassis; good tire grip, driving mute right results, individual users reflect the electronic host system is not stable.


More power matching system, 1.2TSI, 1.4TSI, 1.4TSI twin supercharged engine, 2.0TSI engine and 2.5L engine, the overall performance enough power, start the meat, but Rating “acceleration is very smooth.”


VW Bug overall space enough, take the front driver’s ample legroom, the rear passenger space is more compact; good parcel seat comfort is excellent.

Fuel consumption

VW Bug fuel economy is reduced, about one hundred kilometers average fuel consumption of 11miles per L.

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